Rode Reel

A "Great idea" - My Rode Reel 2017 Entry

Here it is - our contribution to the "My Rode Reel 2017" competition! This time it's a short film about film making, and from the initial spark of an idea to the majestic end product, making a motion picture is always an adventure. Do you know the feeling when you've got so many great ideas, endless enthusiasm and a willing wingman - but it proves a bit challenging to convey your vision and put it all together? At least you can take solace in knowing that in the end it's all about the imagination... well, almost.


A key part of any film competition's flavor is the sense of community - the crew is striding towards a common goal under deadline pressure and having fun while at it! When the work is done and out there, begins the interaction between different production houses. We received great feedback last year and cannot wait to see what everybody else has come up with this time! To accompany the Rode Reel entries there's also the mandatory Behind the Scenes material, which is always enlightening to witness - so much work might go into a simple shot.