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An Urban Shootout - Test Footage for Revenant Active

Our team has been buzzing with our primary project lately, as we're location scouting, choreographing and working to finalize the script for our proof of concept for the film Revenant Active. We tested the concept with our recent RĂ˜DE Reel competition flick, which showed a mysterious field agent battling both gunmen and his disturbing amnesia. Revenant Active is something many of us feel very passionately about and we think now is the right time to proceed with turning this long-brewn concept into a motion picture.

The idea has been there for years, and we actually shot some material for the original script during our filming trip to Rovaniemi back in 2012, which made some great memories for the whole team. Some of that footage is planned to be used in this project, along with some snapshots we've filmed in Hong Kong, Germany, New York and so on. The project has matured for quite a while, which will be nice to review in the Making Of videos later on...

Some time ago we arranged a compact and easygoing shoot in our local parking lot to get some test footage. The day's agenda was also to get properly acquainted with Rendel cinematographer Tero Saikkonen, who we found absolutely thrilling to work with! If the stars are right and we're fortunate, Tero would be integrated into our Revenant Active crew once we get the principal photography going. Otherwise the evening of test-shooting in our "ghetto" conditions was good fun and some teaser stills have already been released through our Twitter and Instagram.

Hoping to show you more of Revenant Active in the near future!

Tero and his warm welcome from the Ruined Films team!