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Captain Russia

Picture courtesy of TV5

Last year we were commissioned to do some prop work for Finnish television and a new comedy show with two (questionable) superheroes at its helm. We created the outfit for "Captain Russia" in co-operation with the show's production team, as a character caricature designed after the famous example of Marvel's Captain America. The hero-host's belt, shield and mask were all scratch-built, painted and weathered by Ruined Films team. As a fun remark, Captain Russia is played by our friend Simo Kurki, the Crossbones actor of our short film "Close Call".

The show will air on Tuesdays at 20:00 on TV5. Here's the channels description in Finnish.

Uudessa kotimaisessa viihdeohjelmassa Simo Frangén ja Simo Kurki esittelevät mitä omituisimpia venäläisiä kotivideoita. Ohjelma valaisee venäläistä sielunmaisemaa, ja samalla tietenkin myös hieman suomalaistakin. Mukana matkassa ovat vauhdikkaat supersankarit Kapteeni Venäjä ja Ladamies, joille mikään venäläinen ei ole vierasta. Ohjelma on värilähetys.
Voi Venäjä mitä videoita!Tiistaisin klo 20.00 alkaen 18.10.

What else is new?

The school kids from Karkkila were happy to assist us in our ad shoot. Thanks!

Chewing gum carousel!
Our recent commission with Fazer and Cassius sparked a sequel, as we were chosen to film a fourth episode for their Facebook ad series. The video was created in the same practical and humoristic fashion as the three other flicks, highlighting Karkkila and its one-of-a-kind chewing gum factory. This time we got to enter the facility itself and witness the Fazer staff work their magic with an entirely new product. What other is new in Karkkila?

Customer: Fazer
Script: Cassius
Production: Ruined Films