Ruined Films is a passionate cell of filmmaking talent and vision. We're engaged in creative media production and offer a range of professional services from complete promotional videos to individual post production tasks. We operate out of our beautiful nation's capital, Helsinki.
Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

Under pressure!

To start the blog roll of 2016 we present you two of our quite recently published flicks that we've made for international film contests. In both occasions the time was an essence and the competition rules drastically limited the time the participants were given for the productions. Working under such pressure is quite inspiring, even if it comes with some creative insomnia!

Keepsake is a previously unpublished project we made for a short film competition a couple of years ago. We got some pretty nice feedback out of it back then and thought it would now be a nice addition to our channel to kick off the new year! The short was crafted from a concept to a completed film in the duration of two days with a total crew of four.


This film on the other hand depicts some of the darker side of our line of work. "Letterbox" was made in 60 hours during a single weekend and it got shortlisted at Colchester Film Festival's 60 Hour Film Challenge 2015. The participants were each given a film name, a particular action and a single line to use in the film.


In other news Ruined Films is momentarily going through some structural changes, which will bring more talented individuals into our 'inner circle' and which also makes our operation a lot more uniform and organized. I'd say we're just getting started!

Thank you for following us during 2016 as well!