Ruined Films is a passionate cell of filmmaking talent and vision. We're engaged in creative media production and offer a range of professional services from complete promotional videos to individual post production tasks. We operate out of our beautiful nation's capital, Helsinki.
Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

Freezing fingerstyle

We recently filmed a simple music video for our friend and brother Yope, who's just starting out his own YouTube channel. The video features the artist himself performing his fingerstyle guitar arrangement of "In the name of love" by Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha. The shoot was simple but the minimalistic mood really fits the performance! The only complications were with the weather, as both the instrument and its player were starting to freeze at the end. But that's Finnish winter as it should be!

Arrangement and music: Yope
Video and editing: Ruined Films
Recording and audio mixing: Juho Pakkasvirta

Steampunk-ekstrahaku, tervetuloa mukaan!

Aika kaivaa knallit, korsetit ja gogglesit esiin!

Ruined Films toivottaa kaikki Steampunk-fanit tervetulleiksi avustamaan uuden elokuvaprojektimme kuvauksissa Helsingissä sunnuntaina 20. marraskuuta! Avullanne valmistuu loppuvuoden aikana Steampunk-teemainen proof of concept -työnäyte kokopitkää elokuvaamme varten. Kuvauspaikkana toimii upea ja hengenmukainen Steam Hellsinki Kampissa osoitteessa Olavinkatu 1. Steam Hellsingin lisäksi hanketta tukevat Bard & Jester sekä Alnilam Oy ja sen pääroolissa nähdään Teit meistä kauniin -elokuvan Tatu Sinisalo.

Etsimme statisteiksi aihepiiristä kiinnostuneita henkilöitä, jotka kykenevät puvustamaan itsensä Steampunk-teemaisesti. Ekstrojen roolisuoritukset koostuvat pääasiassa patsastelusta tyylikkäässä miljöössä, eikä niihin kuulu fyysistä toimintaa tai vuorosanoja. Kuvauspäivä jakaantuu kahteen erityyliseen osa-alueeseen, joista statistit voivat halutessaan osallistua molempiin. Osa-alueet ovat temaattisesti ja puvustuksen kannalta hyvin erilaisia ja kuvailemme niiden tyyliä alla. Statistit voivat kuitenkin käyttää omaa luovuuttaan ja myös olla yhteydessä puvustussuunnitelmistaan ja proppi-ideoistaan sähköpostitse osoitteeseen

Demohankkeen luonteesta johtuen emme valitettavasti pysty maksamaan kuvausryhmälle tai statisteille palkkaa näiden työpanoksesta. Muistoksi jää kuitenkin makeita still-tuotantokuvia, joita voi tiedustella kuvauspäivän jälkeen käsiteltyinä tai raakaversioina Ruined Filmsilta.

Osa-alue A: Sunnuntaina kello 12:00-14:00

Ensimmäisessä osa-alueessa puvustusteema on elegantin historiallinen ja mukailee viktoriaanista henkeä klassisilla Steampunk-yksityiskohdilla. Miehillä tämä tarkoittaa tummaa pukua, knalleja, silintereitä, kävelykeppejä jne, naisilla kokopitkiä mekkoja ja juhlavia asusteita. Naisilla myös värien käyttö on vapaata. Paikalle on hyvä saapua vähän ennen aloitusta, mikäli pukeutuminen tai laittautuminen vie aikaa.

Osa-alue B: Sunnuntaina kello 14:00-16:00

Toisessa osa-alueessa paneudutaan synkempiin sävyihin rujossa ja post-apokalyptisessa miljöössä esimerkiksi Mad Max -elokuvien tyyliin. Puvustus koostuu repaleisista ja kovia kokeneista vaatteista, nahasta, maanläheisistä ja lämpimistä sävyistä, kuparista, ruosteesta ja survival-henkisyydestä. Puvustuksessa voi myös olla klaani- tai jengifiiliksiä ja kevyttä aseistusta, mikäli propit saa kuljetettua kuvauspaikalle turvallisesti. Paikalle on hyvä saapua vähän ennen aloitusta, mikäli pukeutuminen tai laittautuminen vie aikaa.

Vaikka ette itse pääsisi paikalle, pyytäisimme jakamaan tiedon kuvauksista tuttavillenne, joiden uskoisitte olevan kiinnostuneita aihepiiristä tai tilaisuudesta osallistua kuvauksiin. Vastaamme kaikkiin kysymyksiin ja niitä voi jättää joko tässä ryhmässä tai sähköpostitse Kiitokset jo etukäteen avustanne!

Ilmoittaudu mukaan tässä ryhmässä tai sähköpostitse! Ideoita ja inspiraatiota saa myös jakaa vapaasti kuvilla tai suunnitelmilla tapahtumaryhmässä.

Parhain yhteistyöterveisin

Ruined Films

An Urban Shootout - Test Footage for Revenant Active

Our team has been buzzing with our primary project lately, as we're location scouting, choreographing and working to finalize the script for our proof of concept for the film Revenant Active. We tested the concept with our recent RØDE Reel competition flick, which showed a mysterious field agent battling both gunmen and his disturbing amnesia. Revenant Active is something many of us feel very passionately about and we think now is the right time to proceed with turning this long-brewn concept into a motion picture.

The idea has been there for years, and we actually shot some material for the original script during our filming trip to Rovaniemi back in 2012, which made some great memories for the whole team. Some of that footage is planned to be used in this project, along with some snapshots we've filmed in Hong Kong, Germany, New York and so on. The project has matured for quite a while, which will be nice to review in the Making Of videos later on...

Some time ago we arranged a compact and easygoing shoot in our local parking lot to get some test footage. The day's agenda was also to get properly acquainted with Rendel cinematographer Tero Saikkonen, who we found absolutely thrilling to work with! If the stars are right and we're fortunate, Tero would be integrated into our Revenant Active crew once we get the principal photography going. Otherwise the evening of test-shooting in our "ghetto" conditions was good fun and some teaser stills have already been released through our Twitter and Instagram.

Hoping to show you more of Revenant Active in the near future!

Tero and his warm welcome from the Ruined Films team!

Captain Russia

Picture courtesy of TV5

Last year we were commissioned to do some prop work for Finnish television and a new comedy show with two (questionable) superheroes at its helm. We created the outfit for "Captain Russia" in co-operation with the show's production team, as a character caricature designed after the famous example of Marvel's Captain America. The hero-host's belt, shield and mask were all scratch-built, painted and weathered by Ruined Films team. As a fun remark, Captain Russia is played by our friend Simo Kurki, the Crossbones actor of our short film "Close Call".

The show will air on Tuesdays at 20:00 on TV5. Here's the channels description in Finnish.

Uudessa kotimaisessa viihdeohjelmassa Simo Frangén ja Simo Kurki esittelevät mitä omituisimpia venäläisiä kotivideoita. Ohjelma valaisee venäläistä sielunmaisemaa, ja samalla tietenkin myös hieman suomalaistakin. Mukana matkassa ovat vauhdikkaat supersankarit Kapteeni Venäjä ja Ladamies, joille mikään venäläinen ei ole vierasta. Ohjelma on värilähetys.
Voi Venäjä mitä videoita!Tiistaisin klo 20.00 alkaen 18.10.

What else is new?

The school kids from Karkkila were happy to assist us in our ad shoot. Thanks!

Chewing gum carousel!
Our recent commission with Fazer and Cassius sparked a sequel, as we were chosen to film a fourth episode for their Facebook ad series. The video was created in the same practical and humoristic fashion as the three other flicks, highlighting Karkkila and its one-of-a-kind chewing gum factory. This time we got to enter the facility itself and witness the Fazer staff work their magic with an entirely new product. What other is new in Karkkila?

Customer: Fazer
Script: Cassius
Production: Ruined Films


During the early days of 2016 Ruined Films produced a music video for the Finnish metal band Vanguard and the project has finally seen daylight! A glimpse on the making of can be found here. Ruined Films was responsible for the filming and post production as well as the video's visual design in co-operation with Vanguard's J. Grym. The band's own description for the released song (and its coming successors) is as follows:

The Finnish metal band has has risen, morphed and evolved from a mere band to a collective, coven and hive. 

Before Tonmi Lillman (Vanguard, Ajattara, Lordi, Sinergy, To/Die/For) left this dimension the band had recorded the groundwork for many songs including Lillman's drum tracks. Vanguard will finish each song with an alternating crew and producers and release them one by one as music video singles. All songs will feature vocalists J. Grym and Riina Rinkinen (Silentium) and Tonmi Lillman on the drums. The first song is out an is called HYPER1ONE and it was produced by legendary electronic dance metal pioneer Zardonic.

Ruined Films Pick of Nine XII

Short Term
Long Term

Pick of Nine is a monthly (or so...) gallery of our crew's photography 
flavored with a personally meaningful perspective. 

Shades of grey

The ongoing post production project is the first of its kind in Ruined Films portfolio; finishing touches on a metal band's music video! The entire production, including visual drafting and the video shoot was made by us with some help from our talented associates. The edit is now complete and the music video will most likely see daylight soon as our post with vfx and color grading reaches its final stages.

As usual, we've taken the down-to-earth approach; shooting on a fitting location and basing our visual effects on concrete practical effects shot in a separate session. The video concept is about playing with light, shadow and textures in conjunction with the aggressiveness and charisma of the band. Stay tuned and see for yourself in a short while!

A short, inspiring break and back to work!

Fazer Xylimax Adverts

To start our commercial projects for the summer Eric traveled to sunny city of Karkkila with the representatives of Intohimotoimisto Cassius and Fazer. The name of the game was to shoot a three-part Facebook advert campaign for Fazer's Xylimax gum. Karkkila is a traditional yet colourful town that is famous for a number of things, as you can see on the finished videos! Karkkila's chewing gum factory is one of its kind in Finland and the old town's idyllic spirit made for an interesting perspective for the product promotion.

Customer: Fazer
Script: Cassius
Production: Ruined Films

Thanks to the involved parties!

It was nice to visit the beautiful town and learn a piece of its history. Cheers for having us!

Revenant Active

Our "My Rode Reel" entry is now online, check it out! If you like it, please vote and spread the word!

Road to RØDE Reel

Action flick sound designing in progress!

Six days to go!

Ruined Films answered the challenge of My RØDE Reel Short Film Competition last week, as we shot and edited a three-minute short film in a great, inspired atmosphere. With this project we were reunited with some of our old mates and the weekend was both pleasant and productive as we got to combine our individual talents and enjoy the friendship doing what we love. We feel that the action sequence we were able to capture on film is perhaps our most intense piece of work to date. Can't wait to publish it!

The next six days approaching the submission deadline will be put to work in honing the edges and details of our short flick, which is based on an old script concept Henrik and Eric created in 2013. This time we're also able to use some of the material and stock footage we've recorded in the past.

It all began with the stunt training between our martial artists, Greatman Lim and Jesse Liskola.

As the shooting day drew near, we ascended into our "prop department" to look for gear.

Our location was the characterful "brick alley" in sunny Helsinki's Arabianranta.

Our special effects department had created a light foam brick to safely use as a part of our brutal fight choreography.

Getting ready for some action in the sun...

...supported by some RØDE swag! 

And action!

As the video footage was ready, we were set to design the sound environment. Practical as usual!

Now it's all about the hours in the edit, as special effects and composed music are taking shape. Stay tuned for the release of the completed flick during the beginning of June!

Half a century

Last week ended in celebration not just because of our triumph in "Vuoden Huiput 2015", but also with the birthday bash of one of our dear friends, John Parta. Some of our followers might remember his performance as the iconic bartender Tesla John from our Star Wars short film The Twelve Parsec Stare, where the veteran actor made an everlasting impression on our crew and others present. We wanted to thank John again for his help during the years and remind him of this bad ass alter-ego on the gentleman's 50th birthday.

Long live Tesla John!

Vuoden Huiput Marketing Awards

Last week we were delighted to hear that 'Penkkiurheiluviikko' marketing campaign had won the special award for integrated marketing communications in Vuoden Huiput 2015! Ruined Films produced the Stadion video used in the campaign. Vuoden Huiput is Finland's premiere competition for marketing communications and ad design and it was arranged for the 36th time this year. We're happy to receive the acknowledgement and look forward to hunting trophies with our associates in the future as well!

Other parties involved in the making of the award-winning campaign were as follows.

DESIGN AGENCY Intohimotoimisto Cassius

CLIENT Stadion-säätiö


ART DIRECTOR Hermanni Kanerva, Tuukka Tujula

GRAPHIC DESIGNER Hermanni Kanerva, Tuukka Tujula

COPYWRITER Erkko Mannila, Antti Tuominen, Axa Fahler


PROJECT MANAGER Maija Nikkonen-Hilli


Ruined Films Pick of Nine XI

Cannes 2016

Pick of Nine is a monthly (or so...) gallery of our crew's photography 
flavored with a personally meaningful perspective.