Ruined Films is a passionate cell of filmmaking talent and vision. We're engaged in creative media production and offer a range of professional services from complete promotional videos to individual post production tasks. We operate out of our beautiful nation's capital, Helsinki.
Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

The Twelve Parsec Stare is finished!

It feels amazing to announce our Star Wars and Boba Fett inspired short film "The Twelve Parsec Stare" is finished! After the principal photography in February we started the relentless post production phase, which has been an ongoing spree of countless hours and a tribute to human willpower for our compact production team. It all pays in the end and we hope to share the film with all of you as soon as possible.

The Twelve Parsec Stare's ambition was however never to be just a YouTube piece. From early on we meant to participate in domestic and international film festivals with our Sci-Fi/Western crossover short and this is in process of becoming reality; The Twelve Parsec Stare has already been submitted to Colchester Film Festival and other events are locked in our sights.

Film Festivals and YouTube release will have to wait just a while more until we arrange the promised screening for the cast, crew and their friends. This is the least we can do to honour your effort in the making of our film. Thank you.

We'll see you soon!

Ruined Films

Colchester Film Festival (19th-24th Oct) is an international film festival that takes in Colchester’s firstsite arts gallery annually in October.