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The Twelve Parsec Stare poster work

It's time for a little update on the post production of The Twelve Parsec Stare!

Although you'll still have to wait a while for the next production diary, we're happy to report progress on the film itself! Our crew has pushed the edit to its final stages and we already have a number of effect shots at the ready. In addition to the visual accomplishments the music and sound departments have been set into motion. It's amazingly inspiring to see things move forward and we're still ambitious enough to say the film will be out in May!

What else is new is that we've finished the official poster for the film (and a couple of alternative variants). The fans of Spaghetti Western might recognize a resemblance with a certain movie poster from the classic Dollars Trilogy...

We're also taking this opportunity to wish happy birthday to The Twelve Parsec Stare's hardworking cinematographer Mathias Lönnström! Cheers buddy!

The official poster, photo by Marko Saari.

An atmospheric variant.

And a simplified design. What do you guys think?