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Making of: Meet Tesla John!

The stern barkeeper at his work.
Tesla John's outfit and the wicked scar
on his forehead were created by our
costuming and make-up team.

John generously brought his 
own zirkonium-morkonium.

As the time came to cast the barkeeper for The Twelve Parsec Stare, we knew we'd have to get our good friend John Parta for the part! We've had many projects with John in the past and his vision and presence always bring something special to the show. 

John is a seasoned actor and an author of several novels and short stories as well as works of poetry. What's equally interesting is his colourful life experience - each time we meet it feels like John has another great story to tell. The filming weekend of The Twelve Parsec Stare was no exception and John could be heard entertaining the co-actors and crew throughout the day.

In our film John is a retired smuggler and a freedom fighter who has after his career established a well-known space saloon "Tesla John's". Although his hearing is not what it used to be, he knows everything that goes down in his bar. While he can mostly be seen modestly serving drinks and snacks to all manner of strange creatures, his customers know better than to underestimate the old barkeeper. As a matter of fact Tesla John still keeps his scoped rifle blaster at arms length, as you can never be too careful in Tatooine's underworld...

We'd like to thank John again for his friendship and performance! Any finnish-speaking followers can get to know the artist and his distinctive character better on John's personal website.

Making of stills by Jouko Väänänen and Scott Mcgregor, thanks!