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Making of: cosmic characters of The Twelve Parsec Stare

Our last weekend's filming operation was a gathering for many strange creatures. To capture the mood of a busy underground space bar we set up a Facebook recruiting group to gather costumed extras for our project. As we're talking about a Star Wars project, the filming naturally sparked interest and the willing participants already had a vision on what to wear for the occasion. All we had to do was to direct the theme towards Tatooine; we built a small reference pic gallery for the interested extras to take some guidance from.

We can't say we weren't nervous on the Saturday morning when our saloon customers were supposed to come in, as we couldn't be entirely sure if anyone would show up! In the duration of the morning hours we were however relieved of our fears, as many amazingly dressed extras arrived to aid us in our project. We adjusted some of the costumes with our own prop item reserve and gave out a few complete costumes to helpers who didn't have their own. Soon enough the space bar was packed and we were ready to start filming!

Here's just a glimpse on the character selection we had the joy to film. Thanking everyone for their participation and input!

Our lead character, the intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett, was of course on the set for the whole week.

A modest moisture farmer came in for a drink and met a mysterious rogue spy.

A rare weequay breed was seen stalking the corners of the bar with a smoky drink in hand.

A young bantha herder had felt a need for some refreshments after a day in the scorching sun.

Maurice Bush, a radical captain of the Ravishing One, had come to negotiate on some transportation deals for his next run.

Maurice's first mate was also present signing in the cargo and commenting on his captain's business decisions.

A zabrak speeder messenger had come to pick up another package for delivery.

This calamari merchant was dealing herbs and stronger substances in for the bar's drink brewery.

A hooded, wayfaring thruster engineer had stopped by to refuel his ship, but also had time to quench his thirst.

We can also reveal that we've already started with the first edit version and it's already looking so so sweet! Can't wait it to be ready, but for now we'll need to cope with more photographs and Production Diaries!