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Making of: The amazing atmosphere of The Twelve Parsec Stare

Boom, we made it! The hefty challenge of an intense shoot weekend was met and disintegrated. The principal photography of our Star Wars short film "The Twelve Parsec Stare" is now finished and secured into the vaults of a number of heavily guarded hard drives. In the duration of the busy weekend our crew got all the material we needed and even had time to film additional inserts to aid in the forthcoming editing process!

We would first and foremost like to express our huge gratitude to our brilliant actors and to the patient and hard-working extras, who were not only amazingly motivated but also captured the essence of our vision perfectly in their thematic wardrobe. We didn't hear a single complaint over the inevitable waiting periods and many people dedicated their entire weekend to help us in our project. The crew of Ruined Films salutes you!
Special thanks need to be given to our supporters who made material donations and borrowed equipment, as well as to our tireless make-up department and the catering team.

Special shout-out to the rad crew of All Good Entertainment, who provided the speciality lighting equipment and the fog machinery used in our weekend production! The team (based in Helsinki) arrange event production services, DJ's, VJ's and rental of sound, lighting, stage and video equipment for a multitude of audiovisual needs. Big thanks!

The effective redhead lights used in our production were courtesy of Johnnie Saares Photography. A great aid in prop department, set materials and transportation was provided by Ville Ahtonen. Cheers, brothers!

With the wrap of our cinematography the production transfers into its post phase which will take the length of the starting spring. If everything proceeds as we've foreseen, the short will be finished by May, when we also aim to arrange a screening. While waiting for the finished flick you should keep an eye out for our video-format Production Diaries, which we'll release during the post production period.

So that it wouldn't be all sentimentality, thank-yous and other sugary marketing, here's a visual treat for you. Composed by the amazingly talented Marko Saari during the Saturday of our shoot weekend, the compact picture gallery will highlight the dusty but colourful atmosphere of a certain space saloon in the depths of Mos Eisley. We will also soon present another pic selection of the strange characters we had the fortune to capture on film.

Stay tuned and have the force by your side!

Ruined Films