Ruined Films is a passionate cell of filmmaking talent and vision. We're engaged in creative media production and offer a range of professional services from complete promotional videos to individual post production tasks. We operate out of our beautiful nation's capital, Helsinki.
Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

Gale before the storm!

The epic week of cinematography in a galaxy far far away is about to start! The preparations spree for the short film project has been intense and this Sunday we're going to wrap up the major arrangements. Next week will be about logistics, lack of sleep, fun, meeting friends and artistic creativity. We couldn't be happier with the crew we have in place, as it's composed of all of our usual agents along with new, very very talented people we're fortunate to get to share this experience with.

November (and the ongoing length of February) have been paced with all kinds of production stuff from building set props to gathering all manner of suitable items to be used onscreen. The fact that we're making the film on a scratch of a budget forces us to be creative on the materials and sources we can use to get things done, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the classic essence of the original Star Wars trilogy is in its handmade atmosphere; the usage of miniatures, practical locations and the everyday commodities as a part of the scratch-built prop items.

What is also quite wicked for us as a production team is our recent acquisitions. We've made some investments on new toys to compound into our shooting arsenal, particularly a Ronin Camera Stabilizer, an anamorphic lens and the Black Magic production camera we're upgrading our trusty workhorse (Canon 550D) with. It's exciting to see what kind of magic the equipment updates bring into the game and this is a great opportunity to put that new hardware into work! It also has to be said that we've received wonderful support from our friends and associates who have been kind enough to lend us lighting accessories and other necessary tools.

In addition to keeping an eye out for the first project video diary, you can also help us out and join our filming crew as an extra during the principal shoot weekend of 21.-22.2. We're primarily looking for extras that can bring their own thematic costumes. Check out our recruitment group and join the fun next week!

Let's do this!

Spilling some poster designs for the location, see you on the spot!