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Imagine what we could achieve together.

Making of: Meet Tesla John!

The stern barkeeper at his work.
Tesla John's outfit and the wicked scar
on his forehead were created by our
costuming and make-up team.

John generously brought his 
own zirkonium-morkonium.

As the time came to cast the barkeeper for The Twelve Parsec Stare, we knew we'd have to get our good friend John Parta for the part! We've had many projects with John in the past and his vision and presence always bring something special to the show. 

John is a seasoned actor and an author of several novels and short stories as well as works of poetry. What's equally interesting is his colourful life experience - each time we meet it feels like John has another great story to tell. The filming weekend of The Twelve Parsec Stare was no exception and John could be heard entertaining the co-actors and crew throughout the day.

In our film John is a retired smuggler and a freedom fighter who has after his career established a well-known space saloon "Tesla John's". Although his hearing is not what it used to be, he knows everything that goes down in his bar. While he can mostly be seen modestly serving drinks and snacks to all manner of strange creatures, his customers know better than to underestimate the old barkeeper. As a matter of fact Tesla John still keeps his scoped rifle blaster at arms length, as you can never be too careful in Tatooine's underworld...

We'd like to thank John again for his friendship and performance! Any finnish-speaking followers can get to know the artist and his distinctive character better on John's personal website.

Making of stills by Jouko Väänänen and Scott Mcgregor, thanks!

Making of: cosmic characters of The Twelve Parsec Stare

Our last weekend's filming operation was a gathering for many strange creatures. To capture the mood of a busy underground space bar we set up a Facebook recruiting group to gather costumed extras for our project. As we're talking about a Star Wars project, the filming naturally sparked interest and the willing participants already had a vision on what to wear for the occasion. All we had to do was to direct the theme towards Tatooine; we built a small reference pic gallery for the interested extras to take some guidance from.

We can't say we weren't nervous on the Saturday morning when our saloon customers were supposed to come in, as we couldn't be entirely sure if anyone would show up! In the duration of the morning hours we were however relieved of our fears, as many amazingly dressed extras arrived to aid us in our project. We adjusted some of the costumes with our own prop item reserve and gave out a few complete costumes to helpers who didn't have their own. Soon enough the space bar was packed and we were ready to start filming!

Here's just a glimpse on the character selection we had the joy to film. Thanking everyone for their participation and input!

Our lead character, the intergalactic bounty hunter Boba Fett, was of course on the set for the whole week.

A modest moisture farmer came in for a drink and met a mysterious rogue spy.

A rare weequay breed was seen stalking the corners of the bar with a smoky drink in hand.

A young bantha herder had felt a need for some refreshments after a day in the scorching sun.

Maurice Bush, a radical captain of the Ravishing One, had come to negotiate on some transportation deals for his next run.

Maurice's first mate was also present signing in the cargo and commenting on his captain's business decisions.

A zabrak speeder messenger had come to pick up another package for delivery.

This calamari merchant was dealing herbs and stronger substances in for the bar's drink brewery.

A hooded, wayfaring thruster engineer had stopped by to refuel his ship, but also had time to quench his thirst.

We can also reveal that we've already started with the first edit version and it's already looking so so sweet! Can't wait it to be ready, but for now we'll need to cope with more photographs and Production Diaries!

Making of: The amazing atmosphere of The Twelve Parsec Stare

Boom, we made it! The hefty challenge of an intense shoot weekend was met and disintegrated. The principal photography of our Star Wars short film "The Twelve Parsec Stare" is now finished and secured into the vaults of a number of heavily guarded hard drives. In the duration of the busy weekend our crew got all the material we needed and even had time to film additional inserts to aid in the forthcoming editing process!

We would first and foremost like to express our huge gratitude to our brilliant actors and to the patient and hard-working extras, who were not only amazingly motivated but also captured the essence of our vision perfectly in their thematic wardrobe. We didn't hear a single complaint over the inevitable waiting periods and many people dedicated their entire weekend to help us in our project. The crew of Ruined Films salutes you!
Special thanks need to be given to our supporters who made material donations and borrowed equipment, as well as to our tireless make-up department and the catering team.

Special shout-out to the rad crew of All Good Entertainment, who provided the speciality lighting equipment and the fog machinery used in our weekend production! The team (based in Helsinki) arrange event production services, DJ's, VJ's and rental of sound, lighting, stage and video equipment for a multitude of audiovisual needs. Big thanks!

The effective redhead lights used in our production were courtesy of Johnnie Saares Photography. A great aid in prop department, set materials and transportation was provided by Ville Ahtonen. Cheers, brothers!

With the wrap of our cinematography the production transfers into its post phase which will take the length of the starting spring. If everything proceeds as we've foreseen, the short will be finished by May, when we also aim to arrange a screening. While waiting for the finished flick you should keep an eye out for our video-format Production Diaries, which we'll release during the post production period.

So that it wouldn't be all sentimentality, thank-yous and other sugary marketing, here's a visual treat for you. Composed by the amazingly talented Marko Saari during the Saturday of our shoot weekend, the compact picture gallery will highlight the dusty but colourful atmosphere of a certain space saloon in the depths of Mos Eisley. We will also soon present another pic selection of the strange characters we had the fortune to capture on film.

Stay tuned and have the force by your side!

Ruined Films

The Twelve Parsec Stare Production Diary I

The first episode on the making of our Star Wars short "The Twelve Parsec Stare" is now out!

Although we're busy working with the project, we thought it would be fun to release some 'Behind the scenes' videos along the way.  This way we have a chance to share a glance on the practical production tasks as well as to our artistic vision for the fan film. The Twelve Parsec Stare Production Diary series begin with a brief description on our Boba Fett costume and the small alterations we had the nerve to make on the apparel of the iconic character!

This ongoing week is spent at work in the filming location, but we aim to release another video diary soon after the principal shooting is done. Wish us luck and trust the force!

Gale before the storm!

The epic week of cinematography in a galaxy far far away is about to start! The preparations spree for the short film project has been intense and this Sunday we're going to wrap up the major arrangements. Next week will be about logistics, lack of sleep, fun, meeting friends and artistic creativity. We couldn't be happier with the crew we have in place, as it's composed of all of our usual agents along with new, very very talented people we're fortunate to get to share this experience with.

November (and the ongoing length of February) have been paced with all kinds of production stuff from building set props to gathering all manner of suitable items to be used onscreen. The fact that we're making the film on a scratch of a budget forces us to be creative on the materials and sources we can use to get things done, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the classic essence of the original Star Wars trilogy is in its handmade atmosphere; the usage of miniatures, practical locations and the everyday commodities as a part of the scratch-built prop items.

What is also quite wicked for us as a production team is our recent acquisitions. We've made some investments on new toys to compound into our shooting arsenal, particularly a Ronin Camera Stabilizer, an anamorphic lens and the Black Magic production camera we're upgrading our trusty workhorse (Canon 550D) with. It's exciting to see what kind of magic the equipment updates bring into the game and this is a great opportunity to put that new hardware into work! It also has to be said that we've received wonderful support from our friends and associates who have been kind enough to lend us lighting accessories and other necessary tools.

In addition to keeping an eye out for the first project video diary, you can also help us out and join our filming crew as an extra during the principal shoot weekend of 21.-22.2. We're primarily looking for extras that can bring their own thematic costumes. Check out our recruitment group and join the fun next week!

Let's do this!

Spilling some poster designs for the location, see you on the spot!

Ruined Films Pick of Nine IX

Galaxy Far Far Away
Production beat
'round the clock

Pick of Nine is a monthly gallery of our crew's photography 
flavored with a personally meaningful perspective.
Additional picture contribution by talented Marko Saari.