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Star Wars fan flick seeking for extras!

We're now recruiting extras for our Star Wars fan film project! If you are in Helsinki, own a casual scifi-themed costume in the spirit of Tatooine and would like to help us by portraying a customer in our dusty space saloon, join our Facebook group! The parts won't include any lines and they're not particularly physical, the purpose of the extra crew is to breathe life and atmosphere into our location. The filming dates are as follows:

Preliminary shooting @ Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
Friday 20.2.2015: Only a few extras needed between 12:00-15:00
Principal shooting @ Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
Saturday 21.2.2015: lots of costumed extras needed between 10:00-20:00
Sunday 22.2.2015: lots of costumed extras needed between 10:00-20:00

Our costuming crew will dress some of the extras but we're primarily looking for people who have the possibility to bring their own costume. The ideal outfit would be inspired by the onscreen material of Star Wars Mos Eisley and Mos Espa scenes, so farmers, space pilots, gamblers, scoundrels, mercenaries and exotic travelers of different species. For tracking down inspiration we've included a reference picture folder in our Facebook group.

The film project is a non-profit, non-commercial fan production which will be released on our Youtube channel. Due to the nature of the short we won't be able to offer any financial compensation, but we'll have soft drinks and snacks on site for your refreshment.

Any inquiries in english can be sent to any of our email addresses. We look forward to meeting you!

Teemu Valve
+358 400 951 746

The Good, the Bad, the Project

Pictures by Marko Saari
It's finally time to shed some light on our next project! After planning it out for the better part of 2014 we've finally initiated the pre-production of a short film we've decided to set in the well-known Star Wars universe. Our non-profit, non-commercial fan film will feature the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett as the lead character. We couldn't be more excited!

The project is scheduled for filming in February 2015 and the preparations are well underway. Ruined Films is assembling a crew for a week of intense production centered in a splendid location in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to the tireless effort of our usual lineup, we've already received a lot of interest and help from our friends and associates and we're also working closely with the worldwide Star Wars costuming and charity organisation The 501st Legion and their Nordic Garrison.

The ongoing planning and preparations phase recently took our crew into an atmospheric photoshoot with our badass mercenary and very talented photographer Marko Saari, who worked his magic and shot all the photos on this post. We'd like to thank Marko for his input again!

This post is the first part in the series of "behind the scenes" articles for our Star Wars fan film. We also aim to release video diaries describing the different production phases and all the fun we're going to have with the project. This will most likely spark up our social media feeds, so now is the time to dig us in Facebook and Twitter for regular updates!

Our thrilled crew at work.

The photoshoot was also a trial run for some new equipment.

Marko's studio was brilliant for our needs.

Sneak Peek on the conceptual Boba Fett costume. Posing for posterwork and other marketing! Watch this space for more "behind the scenes" articles.