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Cat's out: Preparing Close Call

Our Black Cat project was originally an intention to do a little fight choreography and to show off the impressive costume. Although compact action shorts (and stunt displays) are usually easier to put together production-wise, we felt the end product would be more interesting with a little story around it. It would also be fun to write something to support the inevitable fight scene, as Black Cat's character is really interesting and the depth in the double life of Felicia Hardy and her masked alter-ego would serve as an awesome base even for a full-length feature. In the pre-production phase we agreed to keep it compact with a limited number of intense shooting days.

At the same time our crew gathered to transform the story into a written form, our awesome cast, Sini Stephanie Viitanen (Black Cat) of New York Film Academy and Simo Kurki (Crossbones) of Fight Club Finland Pro Wrestling, were sent off to stunt training. We had a great asset on the action department as Lim Greatman (one of the best practical stuntmen we know as well as a skilled choreographist) could spare some of his time to train our cast. Some two weeks later the script was ready and our sassy cat burglar and mercenary brute were ready to rock it out in front of the camera.

The script and screenwriting were mostly composed by Henrik but everyone had their impact in the development of the story. As Sini is a big Black Cat fan we valued her vision and opinions especially to make the lead character appear right and real. We did have a couple of transformations of the script during the production and did a little rearranging on the scenes; the opening of the completed film was originally its final scene. The original opening would've offered deeper insight on why Rumlow was after Black Cat, this plot devise is now referred to in the News Broadcast part of the film.

We had contacted a few potential locations in Helsinki metropolitan area and done some scouting beforehand. The location of Kaapelitehdas seemed best for our needs and we were also impressed by their particularly positive attitude on the filming. The wide spaces, inspiring hallways and the ability to affect the shape of the rooms with modular walls were all very handy. We can't thank Kaapelitehdas enough for their flexibility and assistance in arranging a filming weekend on their premises and we would be glad to work with them again in the future.

What was next was getting ourselves to filming. And boy, were we looking forward to that!