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Behind the mask: Crossbones

In our latest short film "Close Call" the villain is perhaps one of the more eccentric Marvel bad guys. Although Brock Rumlow's character was introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the renegade mercenary version of him is better known from the comic book pages. Crossbones is a charismatic individual and we didn't have to look far when choosing the antagonist for the film. For more information on the masked mercenary you can check this page.

Crossbones is one of the more down-to-earth supervillains which makes him really convincing. Because of his military flavor it was also both fun and practical to design the costume, gathering cool combat gear is a bit lighter task compared to having to create capes, armour and tights usually favoured by super hero characters. Crossbones' practical approach into his business created design questions that we had to answer; what kind of armour and armament he would be using, what kind of details would be included and how the outfit would be made to resemble the one seen in the comics.

Our Crossbones costume is a mix of military and law enforcement style of gear. As the mercenary is usually seen wearing a black top in the comics, we chose a modular SWAT vest for him. Different pieces of equipment each had a dedicated pouch and he would carry his pistol and additional ammo, radio, smoke grenades and other military-themed details in his vest. This "second line" of equipment was extended with belt-attaching drop leg panel and a holster for his second gun. For our version of Crossbones we included camouflage pants with a modern Multicam pattern. This would serve as a recognition on the characters affection on efficiency.

The most important and recognizable part of the costume is of course the mask. Although the comicbook design of the character's "face" is more or less a stylized balaclava, we felt that having more distinctive features would add to Crossbones' presence. We modified a skull mask to also have a texture and feeling of a light armour, perhaps offering a little protection in hand to hand combat (and against sharp kitty claws...) which also matches with mercenary's other functional choices of equipment. The iconic white cross is visible on Crossbones' mask, but also on his vest and other kneepad.

Crossbones was portrayed by Simo Kurki, a finnish wrestler that was really enthusiastic to work with us. We wanted to make the size difference between Black Cat and Crossbones obvious and the fight between them would need to look really physically unfair. Simo did a great job sporting the heavy and hot gear throughout the shooting days (and having his nose squashed inside the mask for hours!). The physical appearance was however all that was required of Simo, as Crossbones' lines were recorded in New York with voice actor Tyric Jackson. The pair did a great job bringing the imposing badass into life and were great to work with. Thank you again for your participation!

"The name's Crossbones, darlin'!"