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Imagine what we could achieve together.

Who let the Cat out?

We're proud to say that we did.

Close Call was a project that started out merely as a costume acquisition. A concept for a comic book themed fan film developed from the idea of a photoshoot, something that costumers and cosplayers are quite common to do. Creative comic enthusiasts as we are, we made a decision to do a light action-oriented short as a summer project. The idea took off and evolved into a script, a choreography and a set date for shooting.

The main parts of the movie were shot in a two-day window during a weekend in 2013. Our compact crew and cast were prepared and motivated and the shooting was an absolute joy if not a little tiring because of the long days. We departed from the location in high spirits, with some ace material and a working title: Black and White.

The post production phase of the movie was delayed for almost a year because of development of the script and therefore the stalling of pick ups. We were also entangled with several other promotional and personal projects. However, from the first stunt training to the upload stage of the finished product, everyone involved has just wanted to see the original idea come to life on the screen. As the annual gaming convention Ropecon (our set deadline for the completion) drew near, we were finally ready to release the film and cheer.

Close Call is a completely unofficial Black Cat fan film, basing its story and characters on the comics universe of Marvel. It was shot in Helsinki, Finland and in New York during 2013 and 2014. We'd like to express our huge gratitude to everyone involved in the filmmaking process. This was a blast, but we're certainly ready for another adventure.

Watch this space for production stories, behind the scenes pictures and random commentary on the year-long project. Oh, and watch the film too!