Ruined Films is a passionate cell of filmmaking talent and vision. We're engaged in creative media production and offer a range of professional services from complete promotional videos to individual post production tasks. We operate out of our beautiful nation's capital, Helsinki.
Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

Head Hunter commercial in the 'tube

The Head Hunter Store Commercial was created by us as a commission work for the promotional use of the Head Hunter Store, a workshop and retail business specializing in all kinds of wicked horror-, movie- and comic book themes. The video was shown at the Night Visions movie festival preceding chosen titles here in Helsinki last week.

Head Hunter Commercial

Acting by Sini Viitanen
Directed by Eric Raunio
Editing by Henrik Raunio
Sound design by Scott McGregor
Other postwork by Eric Raunio
Costume by Dean Clayton of the Head Hunter Store

Watch your pockets, there's a Con Cat at large

Our sneaky cat agent participated in the New York Comic Con the other week to meet fellow fans and to promote some of our current film projects. Sini was of course wearing her self-made and stunning Black Cat costume from the Marvel comics franchise. As Sini was making many new acquaintances on site, one Jesus Sanchez was kind enough to shoot a few pictures of her and even permit us to show a couple of those in our blog. Cheers! Some photograph touch-ups were done in-house by Eric.

New York Comic Con is the largest pop culture event on the East Coast.

The cat and the goods in the NYC.
Comic Con gathers together fans of comics, games and movies alike.

A real feline confrontation.
Posing with the greatest of fans.
What do you know, there was a Nurse present in the States as well!

We'd like to thank Sini for representing Ruined Films with such attitude (and try to hide our envy for not being able to join in)!