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The Black Omen

Photo by Marko Saari, editing by Eric Raunio
During the late summer our good friend Sini worked with finishing her Black Cat costume, a project Eric was also involved in. After the precise process the costume got ready and we just had to do a little photoshoot with it. A good cosplay is always sweet and it has its way to inspire filming schemes as well.

As big fans of several comic book franchises one of our ambitions has always been to create a comic-themed flick. Especially the latest Marvel "Phase one" films ending in the grand Avengers and the latest DC interpretations of Chris Nolan have been great pilots for the direction of the comic-inspired movies.

Although Sini set off to pursuit one of her dreams in the New York Filming Academy in the end of August, we got a couple of weekends with her and the costume on the location before. We hope to show you more of the beautiful burglar in the not-so-distant future...