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HeadHunter Store

A couple of weeks ago we had photoshooting gig for HeadHunter Store - a small company creating props, models and statues of movie and comicbook icons, for few products and cosplay pieces. Biggest part of the shoot was for the Silent Hill Nurse costume. On top of the very cool custom-made costume it also included a full bodypaint, also by Dean from HeadHunter. Sini did awesome job modeling for all of our shots and being a fan of Silent Hill series she knew right away what we were after.

We took huge amount of pictures, both clear product shots and more dramatic ones.
Here is few picks from the "Nurse" photoshoot.

Shambling legs...
Nurse on the loose.
We were requested to do a group shot as well, so we used some computer magic to give each one of them a more unique look.

Photographer: Eric Raunio
Model: Sini Viitanen
Costume: Dean Clayton - HeadHunter Store