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Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

Creeping to the screen

During the last couple of weeks our one man post production department has been working tirelessly to finish our latest filming commission created for the promotional use of Head Hunter Store. The "teaser advert" (as we like to call it) combines the dark themes of the Halloween season at hand to the Head Hunter's macabre prop, figure and statue products.

The film includes a scene shot earlier in our Silent Hill Nurse shoot and we're excited to say it will be shown preceding selected titles on the Night Visions movie festival! Head Hunter Store will also be representing their business and product selection for the duration of the week at the official Night Visions hotspot which is the Maxim Movie Theater in the heart of Helsinki.

Roll out to visit the festival for some weird cult horror flicks and if you've got the heart for it, creep closer to see the Nurse props up close at the Head Hunter stand...

The nurse keeping a baleful eye out for the visitors down at the Night Visions movie festival.

The Black Omen

Photo by Marko Saari, editing by Eric Raunio
During the late summer our good friend Sini worked with finishing her Black Cat costume, a project Eric was also involved in. After the precise process the costume got ready and we just had to do a little photoshoot with it. A good cosplay is always sweet and it has its way to inspire filming schemes as well.

As big fans of several comic book franchises one of our ambitions has always been to create a comic-themed flick. Especially the latest Marvel "Phase one" films ending in the grand Avengers and the latest DC interpretations of Chris Nolan have been great pilots for the direction of the comic-inspired movies.

Although Sini set off to pursuit one of her dreams in the New York Filming Academy in the end of August, we got a couple of weekends with her and the costume on the location before. We hope to show you more of the beautiful burglar in the not-so-distant future...

Voting time!

The public voting for YLE's "Viikon sketsi" competition has begun! Our sketch "Urheilija" is among the participants and if you'd like to support us and the rough humour of the sportsMANship, give us your vote by sending a text SKETSI8 to the number 17113 (0,60 e/sms). It is also permitted to vote several times. You can view the video here.

HeadHunter Store

A couple of weeks ago we had photoshooting gig for HeadHunter Store - a small company creating props, models and statues of movie and comicbook icons, for few products and cosplay pieces. Biggest part of the shoot was for the Silent Hill Nurse costume. On top of the very cool custom-made costume it also included a full bodypaint, also by Dean from HeadHunter. Sini did awesome job modeling for all of our shots and being a fan of Silent Hill series she knew right away what we were after.

We took huge amount of pictures, both clear product shots and more dramatic ones.
Here is few picks from the "Nurse" photoshoot.

Shambling legs...
Nurse on the loose.
We were requested to do a group shot as well, so we used some computer magic to give each one of them a more unique look.

Photographer: Eric Raunio
Model: Sini Viitanen
Costume: Dean Clayton - HeadHunter Store