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Fest Training Ground 2013

Well, it sure has been a crazy summer. As the warmest season flew by our weeks were paced by planning and executing a multitude of projects, including promotional shooting and relaxed action filming. We can't thank everyone involved enough, but you know you made it perhaps the most productive summer so far for us! Hats off to all of you.

As well as getting down with filming and writing on the domestic ground, Ruined Films' Eric and Henrik also traveled to southern Europe into beautiful Portugal to participate in Fest Training Grounds 2013. Fest is a film festival and educational event where new and upcoming filmmakers and film students from all over the world gather in one week, to attend a deluxe training from workshops to master classes, lectured by some of the industry’s top experts with highly acknowledged achievements. This meant going all out on film studies and creating new acquaintances with other movie enthusiasts and professionals.

With so much to experience, Fest was a real bargain for it's price. The new contacts gained were brilliant and it really felt like new possibilities opening up. Fest 2013 was also a big eye-opener on how fierce the competition is over the international film business. Peter Webber, Tariq Anwar, Christian Berger, Scandar Copti, Melissa Leo, Tim Corrie and many other professionals were giving inspirational and informative lectures throughout the week and it really was a shame it wasn't possible to participate in every one of them because of the time. Nevertheless it was great to witness the involvement of said "gurus" as they hanged around with the students between the lessons and dined in the same restaurants as the Training ground participants. The atmosphere was warm-hearted and open and the people were there without any of the "bragging" sometimes associated with the scene.

We look forward to a chance to take part again next year, maybe with some pitching of our own as well! Oh and as a side note, Finnish movie "Miss Farkku-Suomi" won it's category during the festival! Congratulations.

We'd also like to extend our commendations to Mika from Uphill Films for recommending the Fest Training Grounds for us and for the great company on the road!

Fest was held in the beautiful city of Espinho.
Colourful neighborhoods.
Centro Multimeios acted as the headquarters of Fest and was the place where most of the Master Classes took place.

Tariq Anwar sharing his story and giving some tips for the editors around the world.

Henrik giving an interview after master class.

Before Fest there was an opportunity to reserve a spot at the special evening dinners with other students and teachers. These were great opportunities to make new contacts and discuss common interests.
After dinner there was also a chance to chill out and continue making new friends at the festivals official bar.

With 17 hours of studies and networking behind, there was still time to go through notes. We wanted to make the best of the learning opportunity and took the classes to heart.
Maybe just a bit more studies before sleeping?
One lecture was cancelled due to illness, so we had an hour to visit Espinhos famous beach.
Sand and waves.
Esphino by night.
DOP Christian Berger sharing some insight on his lighting methods.
On the last morning Espinho greeted us with a beautiful mist.

Finally it was time to head back home with loads of new knowledge and inspiration. It was great to meet you all and we hope to keep in touch!

Calm before the storm

It´s been a while since the last post, but that's not because we would have been lazy (or even had a holiday). On the contrary, we have worked hard with four different projects, participated in Fest 2013 Training Ground in Portugal, relocated Ruined Films HQ and much more. When we get the most urgent matters out of the way it´s time to start to sharing it all with you guys and also post updates on our website.

Stay tuned!

Henrik preparing the set.