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Fun and games

Last weekend we decided to ignore the grim weather forecasts, pack up a whole lot of filming and combat gear and suit up in cammies and a bright attitude and drove over to Rajamäki to start our "Your Greatest Glory 2013" video competition project. The positive mood was rewarded as the promised rain somehow dodged our locations and we only got a couple of showers during the whole intense filming weekend. And boy, did we make the best of it!

The weekend flew by paced by location scouting, planning, filming, some BBQ action as well as socializing and making new acquaintances. Firing up a fresh project is always great and this time we also had an awesome crew that rolled in to aid both in front of and behind the camera.

As we're looking to alter the perspective, look and theme of the competition entry annually, we had a different cast take part in the filming. In addition to them and all of the extras and helping hands, we would also like to put forth our gratitude for companies Muovisotilas and, who are kindly sponsoring our competition entry this year. Our armory has therefore been renewed and the mags are loaded with ideas and enthusiasm; watch out!

We'd like to thank our associates, all of the people that took part in the filming and especially Tapio and Emma Komulainen for their efforts that prepared the great filming environment and made us feel as welcome as possible.

The beatiful and colorful locations on our shooting site in Rajamäki offered all kinds of neat possibilities for immortalizing airsoft action for the competition flick.

We had the best gang of guys and gals to take part in the shooting. The atmosphere could not have been better, as everyone was ready to step up when there was a need and all of the participants acted professional even though there were some mandatory "hanging around waiting" involved. Big thanks!

Nom in the 'Nam. Around the filming periods it was all about BBQ delicacies, snacks and strawberries to keep the crew going.

Eric rocked the director's hat this time, as well as co-creating the film's screenplay.

Hese did most of the cinematography as usual and is the operator to thank for all of the sweet stills we have to display here! To add some grip to the action filming, we brought over a camera rig, courtesy of Uphill Films.
Teemu worked throughout the weekend as a producer and a cast coordinator, putting some fire in the bellies of the sleepiest cast members during the early morning wake-ups.
There were many older friends to chime in for this year's project, but we also had many fresh faces take part in the filming. Our local asset Jaakko showed great enthusiasm both in action as well as organizing and was a big help in arranging the filming authorizations before our arrival to the location.

Johannes brought in one of our hero faces. There's nothing short of awesome in a handsome guy in shades rocking some Oakleys and a bullpup piece.

The weekend in Rajamäki was a blast and we're already looking forward to pick-up shooting! Thanks for the memories and the thrilling footage, we'll be back.