Ruined Films is a passionate cell of filmmaking talent and vision. We're engaged in creative media production and offer a range of professional services from complete promotional videos to individual post production tasks. We operate out of our beautiful nation's capital, Helsinki.
Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

It's summer alright

After an intense planning spring we're happy to say summer has finally hit Finland! This of course marks the season of long casual walks, midnight gaming and a chance for a beachside chillout, but it also means we're finally ready to start working with some projects! Most of the year we've been tinkering with more than a few ideas and it's most exciting to finally find time and space to move forward with the plans.

Our draft schemes include some short funnies and action as usual, and it's also about time to start putting together a lil' something for G&G's Your Greatest Glory 2013 video competition. We're also looking forward to starting and completing a couple of bigger projects that have been in progress for long. So be advised, Ruined Films will soon be hitting the locations with serious summer energy! It just might be we'll end up with something to marvel at with you guys...

Have a great one!

Summer-Eric getting inspired for forthcoming filming in one of our bases!