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It's good to be back!

Our trip to Germany's Nuremberg was one great experience!

The cause of the journey was the G&G Armaments "Your Greatest Glory" video competition's award ceremony, which was hosted as a part of the grand IWA & Outdoor classics fair. With so much to see and try out, it sure was a wild day for us starting off with the ceremony and then exploring the massive assortment of Airsoft and realsteel firearm show. Although the short weekend didn't offer us much free time, it was amazing to experience the welcoming Nuremberg even in a nutshell. We'd like to say thanks to everyone involved and hopefully we'll meet again!

The cinematographer prepares to board the plane. This year we took off with a bigger crew as Eric's stories of Nuremberg and IWA had inspired us throughout the year.

Frankfurt railway station and some burgers started our stay in Germany.

Sweet view offered us some nice stock footage.
The travel through the traditional countryside was an enjoyable eye opener.

Castles and towers upon the hills.

The producer enjoying the scenery.

Along with IWA, another highlight of our trip was the visit to a great comic book and games store Ultra Comix, which is located in the old town of Nuremberg.

With so much cool stuff to look at, going through Ultra Comix's four floors took the most of our first evening in Nuremberg.

Huge selection of japanese Manga comic albums...

...along with their Western counterparts.

The bottom floor featured a great selection of wargaming miniatures but also a display of props and suits of armor meant for re-enacting and live action roleplaying. The Warhammer Chaos Warrior armor especially caught our eye, it would be great to film something thematic with such costumes.

Knights in a shining armor.

Miniature shopping frenzy! Hese goes crazy.

Comic-themed busts and statues were well stocked.
It was great to chat with the staff and to share some thoughts about the retail business. Ultra Comix made us feel welcome and we were blown away by their astonishing store and product selection. All the best and kind regards from your fans in Finland!

The evening ended peacefully with some Chinese delicacies.

Next day it was the time to experience the IWA show and to meet our hosts of G&G Armament. Their booth was most impressive and we just had to check out and pick up each of the firearm replicas displayed!

A beautiful sight.

The award ceremony was organized very well and the small interview about the making of the film proceeded smoothly.

The moment of truth! The boss of the G&G team on site, Mr. Liao, handed over the grand prize.

We had the album from the flick with us to show to the judges and crew.

Celebration in IWA! Cheers!

G&G made our stay amazingly pleasant and we could not have felt more welcome. The staff members on their booth were professional, energetic and forthcoming and it was a joy for us to participate in the ceremony and to make some friends in the process.

The nominees for the video competition rolled all day long on the big screen.

IWA also included a huge array of military combat gear... for military. law-enforcement and casual outdoor use... well as firearms both real and replica. Joel checks the sights of a Personal Defence Weapon.

Our gangster crew with the legendary Thompson sub-machine guns!

The director had to take cover behind an assault shield. Close call!

Hese and Teemu react to the Video Contest Best Commercial Video Award.

The awesome evening culminated to a dinner in a huge, traditional restaurant in the heart of historical Nuremberg with the G&G crew.

When in rome... dual wield!

Feasting with attitude!

Our sincere thanks go to the amazing G&G Armament team who organized the superb Video Competition and therefore made our visit to Nuremberg possible. We look forward to the "Your Greatest Glory 2013" and hope to meet you again next year!!

In the end all that was left to do was to high-five Iron Man and head home to Finland. Good times!

Well worth it

New "On The Set" video is online! This time it's moments and making of from our award winning short film Train of Thought.