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Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

Chin chin!

We had a nice surprise as a price package sent by G&G Armament arrived to our homebase's doorstep! This was due to our competition success in the Your Greatest Glory video competition and along with the certificate the organizing company had sent all kinds of promotional items and gifts. Awesome, thank you again!

Last saturday our crew had the chance to get together first time after finishing our competition entry. As everyone had at last arranged a free evening we went to have some huge celebrational burgers and plan out our next month's trip to Germany! We're all looking very much forward to it!

We received a cool package from G&G, containing some post cards and calendars composed of the winners of the "Show Yourself 2012" photo contest, G&G velcro patches, stickers and a deck of firearm-themed playing cards. A very nice gesture from G&G and the items can also be used in the next year's competition video!

Last year's certificate along with the brand new one. These will of course be framed.
The King Kong burgers were the only proper way to celebrate the competition triumph!

The Train of Thought team of Ruined Films. Chin chin!

The Greatest Glory

Boom! 2013 got a wonderful kickstart as the results for the G&G Armament's "Your Greatest Glory" video competition were announced in January. It was a sleepless night for us before the announcement, as the results were published at noon in Taiwan. With my heart beating like a war drum I clicked my way to the G&G site and soon enough cries of joy rang throughout my appartment. Yes!! Even though the video from Poland had an amazingly strong product placement we had managed to take home the victory in the main competition category "The Best Commercial award."

We'd like to hand off the sincerest thanks for all of the congratulations! We have planned the trip to Germany in March to participate into the award ceremony and also about attending to the event with a bigger crew than last year. It would be great to see the historical Nurnberg and meet the representatives and judges of the G&G Armament!

Our this year's video Train of Thought consists basically of the material shot during five days, which each took one entirety and theme; the suspense of autumn, the conditions of summer, the intense urban action of teamwork and the rush of the winter. The fifth theme and shooting day was the early morning session when we jumped on numerous trains to shoot the travelling scenes for our flick. With small team it was easy and effortless to operate and the great spirit during the project kept us all going!

This time it was my first shot at directing a film and I got to try how I'd transfer the script into the film. Although I had the strongest picture and idea of the script and the themes and I planned also most of the screenplay, everyone in the crew was heard for their ideas and suggestions. The story and the details were developed in seamless co-operation during the whole project.

The end result is a good example of what we had in mind when we first thought about this year's entry; an action-paced, colourful airsoft-flick with some emotions behind it. We knew from our last year's experience that too many effects and war-like content (which was highly visible in many foreign, violent entries also this year) would not guarantee very good scores in the competition's internal voting. This was the case this year as well, as "modest" and simple airsoft-themed flicks took the highest scores again. It might have been that our idea and theme as an entirety won us the first place. It's pretty intesting to hear the feedback and comments of the judges in Germany!

Making of is being built as I write this down and we'll write a travel report once the IWA Ceremony is over. Our best thanks go to everyone who made it possible for us to rock out the "Train of Thought", for those who clicked the likes for us on Youtube, those who spread the video further and naturally for the whole crew from drivers to actors. Good job and let's keep at it!

The swimming gear of October... Right now it feels well worth it!