Ruined Films is a passionate cell of filmmaking talent and vision. We're engaged in creative media production and offer a range of professional services from complete promotional videos to individual post production tasks. We operate out of our beautiful nation's capital, Helsinki.
Our purpose is to create and to see the initial concepts become reality.

Imagine what we could achieve together.

Cheers and have a good one!

During the last week or so our good company has scattered around Finland to enjoy the holiday festivities, a well-earned break after the autumn's deadline lethality and planning for the next year. It seems that our creative focus is more and more shifting towards single, constructed projects with and without associates, something that we look much forward to initiate during the early stages of 2014.

This year has been a blast and it's fair to say pretty much all of the days were taken advantage of! Our crew saw a lot of progress in productivity as well as getting together and come the next year, we will have even more dynamic and unified team to work with.

Thank you all for 2013! Let's make the best out of 2014!

Our short film "Urheilija" made for YLE's "Viikon Sketsi" competition has also been uploaded to our Youtube archive.

Saboteurs in sight

The deadline for the G&G Armament's "Your Greatest Glory" video contest is today and the competition flicks are online! Our entry, named "The Saboteurs", is among the contestants and can be viewed in Youtube. The finishing process was a grand marathon as it always seems to be, but in the end we got it done after an intense week of post production madness!

"The Saboteurs" is a short film about friendly competition, intense action and the light-hearted rivalry of a duo of rascal airsoft contenders. As they're thrown into the thrilling battlefield of an airsoft skirmish, they will stop at nothing to beat each other and earn the bragging rights until their next confrontation. In addition to being armed to the teeth with G&G quality, each contender has a few tricks up his sleeve... Which one of them will have the last laugh?

Please view the video in full screen and click the Youtube "like" icon if you'd like to support us in the video competition. We'd really appreciate it!

Our this year's entry was generously sponsored by two finnish Airsoft stores specialising in this great hobby of ours. Hats off to both of our devoted supporters and big cheers for the co-operation!

The Saboteurs are sponsored by

Head Hunter commercial in the 'tube

The Head Hunter Store Commercial was created by us as a commission work for the promotional use of the Head Hunter Store, a workshop and retail business specializing in all kinds of wicked horror-, movie- and comic book themes. The video was shown at the Night Visions movie festival preceding chosen titles here in Helsinki last week.

Head Hunter Commercial

Acting by Sini Viitanen
Directed by Eric Raunio
Editing by Henrik Raunio
Sound design by Scott McGregor
Other postwork by Eric Raunio
Costume by Dean Clayton of the Head Hunter Store

Watch your pockets, there's a Con Cat at large

Our sneaky cat agent participated in the New York Comic Con the other week to meet fellow fans and to promote some of our current film projects. Sini was of course wearing her self-made and stunning Black Cat costume from the Marvel comics franchise. As Sini was making many new acquaintances on site, one Jesus Sanchez was kind enough to shoot a few pictures of her and even permit us to show a couple of those in our blog. Cheers! Some photograph touch-ups were done in-house by Eric.

New York Comic Con is the largest pop culture event on the East Coast.

The cat and the goods in the NYC.
Comic Con gathers together fans of comics, games and movies alike.

A real feline confrontation.
Posing with the greatest of fans.
What do you know, there was a Nurse present in the States as well!

We'd like to thank Sini for representing Ruined Films with such attitude (and try to hide our envy for not being able to join in)!

Creeping to the screen

During the last couple of weeks our one man post production department has been working tirelessly to finish our latest filming commission created for the promotional use of Head Hunter Store. The "teaser advert" (as we like to call it) combines the dark themes of the Halloween season at hand to the Head Hunter's macabre prop, figure and statue products.

The film includes a scene shot earlier in our Silent Hill Nurse shoot and we're excited to say it will be shown preceding selected titles on the Night Visions movie festival! Head Hunter Store will also be representing their business and product selection for the duration of the week at the official Night Visions hotspot which is the Maxim Movie Theater in the heart of Helsinki.

Roll out to visit the festival for some weird cult horror flicks and if you've got the heart for it, creep closer to see the Nurse props up close at the Head Hunter stand...

The nurse keeping a baleful eye out for the visitors down at the Night Visions movie festival.

The Black Omen

Photo by Marko Saari, editing by Eric Raunio
During the late summer our good friend Sini worked with finishing her Black Cat costume, a project Eric was also involved in. After the precise process the costume got ready and we just had to do a little photoshoot with it. A good cosplay is always sweet and it has its way to inspire filming schemes as well.

As big fans of several comic book franchises one of our ambitions has always been to create a comic-themed flick. Especially the latest Marvel "Phase one" films ending in the grand Avengers and the latest DC interpretations of Chris Nolan have been great pilots for the direction of the comic-inspired movies.

Although Sini set off to pursuit one of her dreams in the New York Filming Academy in the end of August, we got a couple of weekends with her and the costume on the location before. We hope to show you more of the beautiful burglar in the not-so-distant future...

Voting time!

The public voting for YLE's "Viikon sketsi" competition has begun! Our sketch "Urheilija" is among the participants and if you'd like to support us and the rough humour of the sportsMANship, give us your vote by sending a text SKETSI8 to the number 17113 (0,60 e/sms). It is also permitted to vote several times. You can view the video here.

HeadHunter Store

A couple of weeks ago we had photoshooting gig for HeadHunter Store - a small company creating props, models and statues of movie and comicbook icons, for few products and cosplay pieces. Biggest part of the shoot was for the Silent Hill Nurse costume. On top of the very cool custom-made costume it also included a full bodypaint, also by Dean from HeadHunter. Sini did awesome job modeling for all of our shots and being a fan of Silent Hill series she knew right away what we were after.

We took huge amount of pictures, both clear product shots and more dramatic ones.
Here is few picks from the "Nurse" photoshoot.

Shambling legs...
Nurse on the loose.
We were requested to do a group shot as well, so we used some computer magic to give each one of them a more unique look.

Photographer: Eric Raunio
Model: Sini Viitanen
Costume: Dean Clayton - HeadHunter Store

Sketch of the week

Our entry "Urheilija" for YLE's (Finnish broadcasting giant) Viikon Sketsi competition has hit the web! Go check it out and vote for the best video once the competition process starts in October! (You'll find it here!)

Fest Training Ground 2013

Well, it sure has been a crazy summer. As the warmest season flew by our weeks were paced by planning and executing a multitude of projects, including promotional shooting and relaxed action filming. We can't thank everyone involved enough, but you know you made it perhaps the most productive summer so far for us! Hats off to all of you.

As well as getting down with filming and writing on the domestic ground, Ruined Films' Eric and Henrik also traveled to southern Europe into beautiful Portugal to participate in Fest Training Grounds 2013. Fest is a film festival and educational event where new and upcoming filmmakers and film students from all over the world gather in one week, to attend a deluxe training from workshops to master classes, lectured by some of the industry’s top experts with highly acknowledged achievements. This meant going all out on film studies and creating new acquaintances with other movie enthusiasts and professionals.

With so much to experience, Fest was a real bargain for it's price. The new contacts gained were brilliant and it really felt like new possibilities opening up. Fest 2013 was also a big eye-opener on how fierce the competition is over the international film business. Peter Webber, Tariq Anwar, Christian Berger, Scandar Copti, Melissa Leo, Tim Corrie and many other professionals were giving inspirational and informative lectures throughout the week and it really was a shame it wasn't possible to participate in every one of them because of the time. Nevertheless it was great to witness the involvement of said "gurus" as they hanged around with the students between the lessons and dined in the same restaurants as the Training ground participants. The atmosphere was warm-hearted and open and the people were there without any of the "bragging" sometimes associated with the scene.

We look forward to a chance to take part again next year, maybe with some pitching of our own as well! Oh and as a side note, Finnish movie "Miss Farkku-Suomi" won it's category during the festival! Congratulations.

We'd also like to extend our commendations to Mika from Uphill Films for recommending the Fest Training Grounds for us and for the great company on the road!

Fest was held in the beautiful city of Espinho.
Colourful neighborhoods.
Centro Multimeios acted as the headquarters of Fest and was the place where most of the Master Classes took place.

Tariq Anwar sharing his story and giving some tips for the editors around the world.

Henrik giving an interview after master class.

Before Fest there was an opportunity to reserve a spot at the special evening dinners with other students and teachers. These were great opportunities to make new contacts and discuss common interests.
After dinner there was also a chance to chill out and continue making new friends at the festivals official bar.

With 17 hours of studies and networking behind, there was still time to go through notes. We wanted to make the best of the learning opportunity and took the classes to heart.
Maybe just a bit more studies before sleeping?
One lecture was cancelled due to illness, so we had an hour to visit Espinhos famous beach.
Sand and waves.
Esphino by night.
DOP Christian Berger sharing some insight on his lighting methods.
On the last morning Espinho greeted us with a beautiful mist.

Finally it was time to head back home with loads of new knowledge and inspiration. It was great to meet you all and we hope to keep in touch!

Calm before the storm

It´s been a while since the last post, but that's not because we would have been lazy (or even had a holiday). On the contrary, we have worked hard with four different projects, participated in Fest 2013 Training Ground in Portugal, relocated Ruined Films HQ and much more. When we get the most urgent matters out of the way it´s time to start to sharing it all with you guys and also post updates on our website.

Stay tuned!

Henrik preparing the set.

Fun and games

Last weekend we decided to ignore the grim weather forecasts, pack up a whole lot of filming and combat gear and suit up in cammies and a bright attitude and drove over to Rajamäki to start our "Your Greatest Glory 2013" video competition project. The positive mood was rewarded as the promised rain somehow dodged our locations and we only got a couple of showers during the whole intense filming weekend. And boy, did we make the best of it!

The weekend flew by paced by location scouting, planning, filming, some BBQ action as well as socializing and making new acquaintances. Firing up a fresh project is always great and this time we also had an awesome crew that rolled in to aid both in front of and behind the camera.

As we're looking to alter the perspective, look and theme of the competition entry annually, we had a different cast take part in the filming. In addition to them and all of the extras and helping hands, we would also like to put forth our gratitude for companies Muovisotilas and, who are kindly sponsoring our competition entry this year. Our armory has therefore been renewed and the mags are loaded with ideas and enthusiasm; watch out!

We'd like to thank our associates, all of the people that took part in the filming and especially Tapio and Emma Komulainen for their efforts that prepared the great filming environment and made us feel as welcome as possible.

The beatiful and colorful locations on our shooting site in Rajamäki offered all kinds of neat possibilities for immortalizing airsoft action for the competition flick.

We had the best gang of guys and gals to take part in the shooting. The atmosphere could not have been better, as everyone was ready to step up when there was a need and all of the participants acted professional even though there were some mandatory "hanging around waiting" involved. Big thanks!

Nom in the 'Nam. Around the filming periods it was all about BBQ delicacies, snacks and strawberries to keep the crew going.

Eric rocked the director's hat this time, as well as co-creating the film's screenplay.

Hese did most of the cinematography as usual and is the operator to thank for all of the sweet stills we have to display here! To add some grip to the action filming, we brought over a camera rig, courtesy of Uphill Films.
Teemu worked throughout the weekend as a producer and a cast coordinator, putting some fire in the bellies of the sleepiest cast members during the early morning wake-ups.
There were many older friends to chime in for this year's project, but we also had many fresh faces take part in the filming. Our local asset Jaakko showed great enthusiasm both in action as well as organizing and was a big help in arranging the filming authorizations before our arrival to the location.

Johannes brought in one of our hero faces. There's nothing short of awesome in a handsome guy in shades rocking some Oakleys and a bullpup piece.

The weekend in Rajamäki was a blast and we're already looking forward to pick-up shooting! Thanks for the memories and the thrilling footage, we'll be back.

It's summer alright

After an intense planning spring we're happy to say summer has finally hit Finland! This of course marks the season of long casual walks, midnight gaming and a chance for a beachside chillout, but it also means we're finally ready to start working with some projects! Most of the year we've been tinkering with more than a few ideas and it's most exciting to finally find time and space to move forward with the plans.

Our draft schemes include some short funnies and action as usual, and it's also about time to start putting together a lil' something for G&G's Your Greatest Glory 2013 video competition. We're also looking forward to starting and completing a couple of bigger projects that have been in progress for long. So be advised, Ruined Films will soon be hitting the locations with serious summer energy! It just might be we'll end up with something to marvel at with you guys...

Have a great one!

Summer-Eric getting inspired for forthcoming filming in one of our bases!

The Last Romantic Couple

We are currently participating in post production of "The Last Romantic Couple", feature film by Uphill Films. Our work includes many different kind of visual effects, from big set extensions to small image enhancements. At 2008, early days of Ruined Films, we also provided a bunch of visual effects shots for their another production, "And White Was The Night". We are excited to see what kind of work we might do with them in the future!

The Last Romantic Couple © Uphill Films
The Last Romantic Couple © Uphill Films

It's good to be back!

Our trip to Germany's Nuremberg was one great experience!

The cause of the journey was the G&G Armaments "Your Greatest Glory" video competition's award ceremony, which was hosted as a part of the grand IWA & Outdoor classics fair. With so much to see and try out, it sure was a wild day for us starting off with the ceremony and then exploring the massive assortment of Airsoft and realsteel firearm show. Although the short weekend didn't offer us much free time, it was amazing to experience the welcoming Nuremberg even in a nutshell. We'd like to say thanks to everyone involved and hopefully we'll meet again!

The cinematographer prepares to board the plane. This year we took off with a bigger crew as Eric's stories of Nuremberg and IWA had inspired us throughout the year.

Frankfurt railway station and some burgers started our stay in Germany.

Sweet view offered us some nice stock footage.
The travel through the traditional countryside was an enjoyable eye opener.

Castles and towers upon the hills.

The producer enjoying the scenery.

Along with IWA, another highlight of our trip was the visit to a great comic book and games store Ultra Comix, which is located in the old town of Nuremberg.

With so much cool stuff to look at, going through Ultra Comix's four floors took the most of our first evening in Nuremberg.

Huge selection of japanese Manga comic albums...

...along with their Western counterparts.

The bottom floor featured a great selection of wargaming miniatures but also a display of props and suits of armor meant for re-enacting and live action roleplaying. The Warhammer Chaos Warrior armor especially caught our eye, it would be great to film something thematic with such costumes.

Knights in a shining armor.

Miniature shopping frenzy! Hese goes crazy.

Comic-themed busts and statues were well stocked.
It was great to chat with the staff and to share some thoughts about the retail business. Ultra Comix made us feel welcome and we were blown away by their astonishing store and product selection. All the best and kind regards from your fans in Finland!

The evening ended peacefully with some Chinese delicacies.

Next day it was the time to experience the IWA show and to meet our hosts of G&G Armament. Their booth was most impressive and we just had to check out and pick up each of the firearm replicas displayed!

A beautiful sight.

The award ceremony was organized very well and the small interview about the making of the film proceeded smoothly.

The moment of truth! The boss of the G&G team on site, Mr. Liao, handed over the grand prize.

We had the album from the flick with us to show to the judges and crew.

Celebration in IWA! Cheers!

G&G made our stay amazingly pleasant and we could not have felt more welcome. The staff members on their booth were professional, energetic and forthcoming and it was a joy for us to participate in the ceremony and to make some friends in the process.

The nominees for the video competition rolled all day long on the big screen.

IWA also included a huge array of military combat gear... for military. law-enforcement and casual outdoor use... well as firearms both real and replica. Joel checks the sights of a Personal Defence Weapon.

Our gangster crew with the legendary Thompson sub-machine guns!

The director had to take cover behind an assault shield. Close call!

Hese and Teemu react to the Video Contest Best Commercial Video Award.

The awesome evening culminated to a dinner in a huge, traditional restaurant in the heart of historical Nuremberg with the G&G crew.

When in rome... dual wield!

Feasting with attitude!

Our sincere thanks go to the amazing G&G Armament team who organized the superb Video Competition and therefore made our visit to Nuremberg possible. We look forward to the "Your Greatest Glory 2013" and hope to meet you again next year!!

In the end all that was left to do was to high-five Iron Man and head home to Finland. Good times!